Citrix 1Y0-700 Sample Question


Which change will an Application Firewall make to a response from the web server when Field Consistency is configured?

A. ns_id variable
B. Server header
C. as_fid variable
D. Last-Modified header

Answer: C


Which two Application Firewall protections guard against the risk of forceful browsing? (Choose two)

A. Start URL
B. Deny URL
C. Buffer Overflow
D. Cookie Consistency

Answer: A,B

Citrix, Service Now Symantec Report Mixed Tech Earnings Bag

Citrix on Tuesday launched new releases of its XenDesktop and XenApp virtualization applications that will connect to Amazon Web Services and the company’s CloudPlatform.

The move by Citrix ties into a recurring theme among tech vendors: Enterprises are going to need to connect to public and private clouds seamlessly to account for spikes. For instance, Cisco outlined plans to be in the middle of allocating both public and private cloud resources.
XenDesktop and XenApp are built on the same architecture and designed to be one console enterprises can use to deliver apps and desktop functionality to mobile devices.

Specifically, XenDesktop 7.5 will provision desktop virtualization for private and public cloud infrastructure. Citrix said it will support any cloud over time and add Windows Azure support in the future.XenDesktop 7.5 will be available in March.

XenApp 7.5 will also be available on multiple clouds and revolves around making enterprise Windows applications mobile friendly.
Citrix said customers of both XenApp and XenDesktop Platinum edition can add mobile device management or enterprise mobile management features at a discount. The offer expires Sept. 30. Rest assured that VMware, which recently bought AirWatch, is likely to offer similar bundling and discount offers for mobile device management.

Cisco teams with VMware Citrix to counter Amazon’s new cloud-based desktop

The trio of Cisco , VMware and Citrix have joined forces to offer a new cloud-based desktops as a service ( DaaS ) offering aimed primarily at service providers. The move comes a few weeks after Amazon Web Services has announced its foray into the market DaaS , and may signal a wave of new offers DaaS market early next year.

The service system is based on Cisco Unified Computing users (UCS) hardware and software can choose the virtual desktop or Citrix Desktone – which was recently acquired by VMware . This is not the first offer DaaS Cisco , but recently has been improved. It has been enhanced with higher performance metrics , including the ability to pack multiple desktops in the cloud based on a single UCS blade – now up to 252 – and has added support for 3D rendering.

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Annual Conference of the king AWS customers : Inventing the last month, company executives said in workspace , which is a virtual design custom A desktop , marking the company’s entry into the market DaaS . A limited preview program is now available.

The growing attention to virtual desktops is presented as the market adoption of the company so far has been mediocre. Although the technology is not new, these advances have denser , the high-performance options can help accelerate the pace at which business customers explore this platform.Virtual desktops provide a number of advantages over a traditional laptop or desktop model . Because virtual desktops are hosted in a cloud , end users can access their virtual desktops from anywhere, even through a range of devices.

Another Weak Day For Citrix, Analysts Differ On Amazon Threat

Citrix Systems ( CTXS ) was 4.5 % at last check , continuing yesterday’s losses resulting from the introduction of ( AMZN ) Amazon AppStream and WorkSpace , be seen as competitors in Citrix products . VMware ( VMW) , some are also in the sights of the Amazon , fell more than 2 % today.

Analysts also weighed on the branches . Call Amazon products threats , reiterating a neutral rating on the stock , ” AMZN initially seems to have an SMB approach , but it could be a serious competitor and broader basis if it ends up competing for the big companies to judge from the limited business . Hardware / software working spaces , AMZN seems initially to target SMB users – tend to avoid local solutions email -

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Pose a challenge for smaller CTXS But when IT managers around the world are increasingly looking for ways the easiest to maintain , DaaS as an alternative to desktop virtualization solutions at low cost services . workspaces , along with other new competitors could invade the main source of CTXS earnings if they can win large corporate clients in the DaaS space .


Also in the field is cautious , a market that has maintained Perform rating on the stock , ” Workspaces is a fully managed service that allows customers to provision cloud services based desktop that allows users access documents, applications and resources with any device. Results Citrix Desktop’ve been weak until 2013 , while visibility is limited , and the re- acceleration in competition with VMware increases. adds This ad probably could exacerbate uncertainty and customers ” pause ” and caused by XenMobile MDM . despite declining prices CTXS , we recommend investors remain on the sidelines. “
This does not mean that Citrix has defenders. They had to make these points in favor of the stock:

Workspaces for the low-end market . We believe that the work areas is directed to the bottom of the DaaS market because it does not offer the full range of functions ( or methods of implementation) that provide desktop solutions from Citrix.
It is an important source of revenue for Citrix today. As a reminder , Citrix does not offer DaaS solutions directly to customers. Instead, licenses its software ( XenDesktop / XenApp / CloudStack , etc. ) to allow the cloud service provider (CSP ) to offer DaaS solutions to end users . Most of the costs associated with it DaaS storage / networking, etc, and the source of income for CTXS is minimal (so estimates less than 5% of revenues) . We have little growth in absolute CSP cooked in our estimates , 2014.

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Do not expect companies to take public DaaS . While the total cost of ownership may be less of workspaces , with all-in on-premise VDI legacy costs (the costs have continued to decline ) , we do not expect customers to start their existing implementations. As we have written some time ago, the creation / maintenance of a virtualized environment , end-user computing is a nontrivial task and our initial reading is that workspaces do not have the bells and whistles needed to run a full virtualized environment.

XenDesktop 7 training: Three Citrix certifications announced

Following new certification requirements announced in May as part of its Citrix Solution Advisor renovated, Citrix Systems Inc. yesterday launched the first of a series of new technical certifications.

Citrix Certification
Now available for the partners, the three new certifications Center on Citrix XenDesktop desktop virtualization and 7 suites include the following:

  • Citrix Certified Associate, Apps and Desktops (CCA-AD): Designed for IT operators and administrators, this certification validates the skills required in managing XenDesktop 7.
  • Citrix Certified Professional, Apps and Desktops (CCP-AD): This certification is designed for experienced IT professionals, including designers, architects, engineers and consultants. It validates the skills required to deploy XenDesktop 7.
  • Citrix Certified Expert, Apps and Desktops (CCE-AD): Intended for the same roles as the CCP-AD, this certification validates understanding of complex IT implementations and the skills required to design XenDesktop 7 systems.

According to Mike Fouts , vice president of channel and field marketing for Citrix certifications are recommended for new employees to channel partners of Citrix that are responsible for the administration and maintenance of Citrix solutions , as well as for those responsible for the design, build and support Citrix solutions .
New Citrix certifications – those presented today , as well as other certifications of networking and mobility that partners can expect to hear in the early months of 2014 – Improvements in the technical target all Citrix products mobile coverage, cloud , collaboration and virtualization .

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According to Citrix , the company has simplified the new certification structure , condense into a series of individual certifications and disparate in only three , which requires fewer tests and less time off the field to the partners.

” The requirements for each certification are based on a single training for certification and pass the exam , ” To comply with the new Citrix Solution Advisor program , these certificates have been added to the existing technical requirements and will count towards the new requirements of certification program . Citrix has an upgrade path for partners who want to upgrade from previous software certifications

By taking one exam, partners will be able to attain the new certifications at the equivalent level, according to Fouts.Partners should also note that the certifications are stacked, meaning, for instance, that a CCE-AD requires completed CCP-AD and CCA-AD certifications. The CCA-AD exam will cost $200 starting Jan. 1 ($150 through Dec. 31). The CCP-AD exam costs $300 (and requires CCA-AD certification, so there is a total cost of $500 to get certified for CCP-AD). And the CCE-AD exam costs $300 (and requires the CCP-AD certification, so there is a total cost of $800 to get certified for CCE-AD).Partners also receive discounts on the corresponding (but not required) training: 40% to 60% off the customer list price for any standard scheduled classes, according to Citrix.


Citrix Sees Strong Cloud Sales Growth, Snaps Up Reuven Cohen As Chief Cloud Advocate

Citrix (NASDAQ: CTXS) is successfully launched and manage products in the areas of cloud, desktop, and mobile networks, reporting a net profit of $ 730 million for the fourth quarter (Q2, 2013), 19% from Q2 2012. The product license revenue was up 21% from Q2 2012 to $ 227 M for the last quarter. In the interest of full disclosure, I have never had a job in stock Citrix and I do today, and I have never been a customer.

The following table is from their 2Q13 Financial Results presentation:


Managing Multiple Businesses And Making It Look Easy

Citrix continues to be fascinating to see how a business competes successfully in a wide range of businesses. Cloud Management, mobile platforms and desktop management, online collaboration, networking and security, and server virtualization are all businesses that generate income in today’s society.

And while most of the acquisitions of businesses struggle to provide income or fail software, Citrix has been able to maintain is collaboration, enterprise mobility and business telecommunications and networking with solids added. Zenprise acquisition in December 2012 to strengthen its mobile device management (MDM) strategy has led to an increase in sales, as well as the acquisition of Podium in April last year to increase its online services division (OSD) . In June last year, Citrix also acquired Bytemobile, which gives the company entry into the telecommunications market / support.

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At Citrix Synergy 2013, held May 22 – 24 this year in Anaheim, California, the company has organized the Citrix Financial Analyst Track. You can download the presentation of this issue here. This presentation shows how difficult it can be to run a business with multiple streams of income through a broad base of technologies. The next slide is from Citrix Financial Analyst Track illustrates what Citrix is growing rapidly, and mobile and desktop, networking and SaaS and cloud are contributing to its growth.

The addressable market opportunity for Citrix given the breadth of their product strategies reflected in this slide, even from Citrix Financial Analyst Track

Why Citrix Snapped Up Reuven Cohen

With so much potential for growth in cloud-based business, Citrix needs a veteran of the computer industry in the cloud that had both developed and managed new cloud platforms, products and services at the level of the stack.

Reuven Cohen has chosen as its first cloud Counsel of business experience based in Cape Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), in addition to being the founder and CEO of Enomaly Virtustream which was sold in 2012. Also active in the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) definition of cloud, and it is a BPA awarded GSA IaaS cloud, presented the G-Cloud initiative of Great Britain in Parliament, and is an active delegate in China and cooperation EU’s America work.

He is responsible for directing the activities to promote the Citrix cloud with a specific focus on how to increase the volume, scope and influence of a broad portfolio of cloud solutions used by more than 260,000 customers and 100 million users around the world Citrix. It will also be responsible for increasing the adoption of various open source initiatives Citrix well. Here are some of the current open source projects in progress Citrix:

CloudStack Apache, the open source software designed to deploy and manage large networks of virtual machines, as an infrastructure for high availability and highly scalable as a service (IaaS), platform cloud computing services.

OpenDaylight, driven by a Community framework, open, industry-supported, to accelerate the adoption, foster innovation, reduce risk, and the creation of a more transparent approach for Software-Defined Networking.

The Xen project, the home of various virtualization technologies that feed large clouds around the world in the production and is the basis of many commercial products.

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XenServer open source project and community managed by Citrix. The project develops open-source software to run on multiple operating systems and security applications in a single device, enabling hardware consolidation and automation to reduce costs and simplify management of servers and applications.

Congratulations to Reuven for being named lead consultant for Citrix Cloud, I’m sure you will do a lot in his new role.

Adding a server to an existing farm Citrix Provisioning Services

This article show you how to add a new server to an existing farm Citrix Provisioning Services, then create environments allowing high availability, redundancy and load balancing with additional products.

Here we will focus mainly on how to add one or more servers to the farm with the same procedure for all.

The steps to perform are as follows:

  1. Installing Citrix Provisioning Services.
  2. Configuring the environment.

To do this we already have a farm called soluti-On server part where STI-PSI-SVR1. The installation will make a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2 Standard Edition 64-bit, for the reason of having more cache memory management.

Installing Citrix Provisioning Services

In the installation menu choose Server Installation.


Then Install Server.


Appears installing Microsoft. NET Framework 3.0 (x64), click on the Install button.


When finished, we will have to rerun the installation. Welcome window appears the product, click on the Next button.


Accept the license terms and click on the Next button.


We introduce customer data and click on the Next button.


We stop default installation folder and click on the Next button.



We leave the complete installation and click on the Next button.


Once finished, click on the Finish button.


After a few seconds the setup wizard.

Configuring the environment

In the Citrix Provisioning Services Wizard click on the Next button to continue.


We wondered where DHCP server is running, choose which on another computer and click on the Next button.


We supply you the question as boot image, choose which options 66 and 67 of the DHCP server The service marked the option That runs on another computer and click on the Next button.


We wondered if we create a new farm or join an existing one, mark the option here Join existing farm and click on the Next button.


Selected using the Browse our database and configure the TCP port that will be the 1433, once we click the Next button.


We are available farms, in our case just one. The choose and click on the Next button.


We question whether it will be a member server in the same site or want to create a new site and a new group of customers. In our case it is a member server of the same existing site, called Sevilla.


We request the credentials to communicate with the SQL server, in our case we have a user named ctx-sql in the domain that is used for communication with the database. Configure option will mark the database for the account and click on the Next button.


We chose the network card that will handle the streaming service, in our case we only have one. The selected left and click on the Next button.


We say that if we want to use the TFTP service and the directory that contains the boot image. We click the Next button.


Then ask us servers will be able to supply the bootstrap startup file, it appears to us as the one defined, which I believe was first when he created the farm. Here we add our new server so that the two offer the. To do this click on the Add button and type the IP address of the current server, causing then click the OK button. To continue click on the Next button.




To conclude we checked the option to automatically start the service and click on the Finish button and then Done.



To verify that the desired result has been, we access the Citrix Management Console and go Provisioning Servers Site paragraph Sevilla. We found that the two servers appear.


To finish the setup process, we need to tell the server-SVR1 STI-PSI, the PSI-STI-server also provides the file SVR2 bootstrap. The choice we made during the setup process, just apply to the server you set up and not the entire farm.

To do this right-click on the PSI-STI-server and choose the option SVR1 Configure Bootstrap.


We click on the Add button and add the IP of the server you just installed. To accept we click the OK button.


And again we click the OK button.


We have configured the bootstrap file is supplied by both servers.